TESTING: Spectrophotometers with True-Close Tolerance for Reflectance & Transmission

Datacolor's latest color measurement instruments boast exceptional performance and ease-of-use.

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Two benchtop spectrophotometers newly launched by Datacolor, Lawrenceville, N.J., are said to offer color pros in plastics, paint, and textile industries unparalleled performance for both reflectance and transmission measurements as well as enhanced ease-of-use.


Datacolor 850 and 550, which join the Datacolor 800 and 500 spectrophotometers introduced last October, feature color LCD screens that display instrument settings and calibration status. An Ethernet port now allows for simultaneous connection of multiple computers to the same instrument. With an embedded processor, diagnostic data can be easily shared with Datacolor Support, resulting in faster issue resolution. Measurement speed within a global Citrix or Terminal Server environment is also substantially improved.


The 850 model is reportedly the only true-close tolerance spectrophotometer for both reflectance and transmission measurement, ensuring customers can confidently communicate color digitally throughout their supply chain. It features a built-in digital camera for precise sample placement and is fully backward compatible with Datacolor’s prior generations of instruments. The 550 model is an economical addition to the series of benchtops, offering accurate transmission and reflectance measurement. Global director of product management Diane Geisler points out that due to the embedded processor and advanced algorithms, users see at least a 25% reduction in measurement time and a quantifiable improvement in throughput.







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