TESTING: Video Extensometer for High-Volume Material Testing

Imetrum's UVX system can seamlessly be integrated with all leading manufacturers' test machines to maximize throughput.

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A new video extensometer from U.K.’s Imetrum (North American distributor is Respec, Rapid City, S.D.) is designed specifically for use in high-throughput routine materials testing laboratories. The Universal Video Extensometer (UVX) reportedly has been designed by this non-contact precision measurement specialist company to seamlessly integrate with all leading manufacturers’ test machines. Moreover, every aspect of the system is said to have been developed to both maximize throughput speed and minimize the opportunity for experimental errors—whether from specimen type, test setup or user technique. 

            Key to the simplicity and ease of use of the UVX system are the unique pre-calibrated extensometer modules, says Imetrum. Specified by gauge length and strain range, the operator simply clips in the module suitable for the specified test, defines the measurement and the date is captures. This means that the test technician or materials engineer down not need to understand optics, or worry about focus, camera settings or lighting.

            UVX is controlled by Imetrum’s intuitive Video Gauge software that is not only advanced but also simple to use. Test templates can be saved and reloaded, and starting the next test does not require careful manual positioning, either on a test sample or in software. The system can directly output tensile and compressive strains and extensions, stress-strain curves, modulus and Poisson’s Ratio, as well as be used for automatic determination of crack-length and for full-field Digital Image Correlation (DIC). Physically, the instrument is designed with a repeatable swing-away and back mechanism for efficient specimen changing. The articulated carbon fiber arm can also accommodate chambers, furnaces and test enclosures/safety screens.