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Testing: Wide Range Series of Oxygen Permeation Analyzers

Ametek Mocon’s new Ox-Tran 2/12 Series of oxygen analyzers test results on a variety of packagign materials.


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Minneapolis-based Ametek Mocon, has launched the new Ox-Tran 2/12, a wide range series of oxygen permeation analyzers. The analyzers in the new series reportedly were designed to provide reliable Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) test results on a variety of packaging materials, including high transmitter packaging. With a wide analytical range, the Ox-Tran 2/12 Oxygen Permeation Analyzer series targets barrier film permeation testing for food, beverage, and healthcare packaging applications where affordable, ASTM-compliant tests are needed. The series is well-suited to test the OTR of various barrier and package types including monolayer, multi-layer, and coated films along with coated paper board, pouches, bottles, closures, and more.

Building on the same platform Mocon developed for its “Next Generation” Permeation Analyzers, the Ox-Tran 2/12 series is said to offer industry-leading features, such as fully automated temperature, flow and RH controls, removable cartridges, TruSeal, a touch screen, and automatic test method development with recommendations. These features reportedly provide a simplified operation so that both experienced technicians and new users can easily obtain accurate, repeatable testing results.


Says global permeation product manager Jeff Jackson, “The Ox-Tran 2/12 R model can measure over a wide OTR range, and the Ox-Tran 2/12 T model has the ability to test high transmitting barriers like those used in the fresh produce industry. These models fill in the OTR testing range gaps for many of our customers at an affordable price with the reliability they expect from a Mocon product.”

The 2/12 R model is highly versatile and can be used for testing a wide OTR range of 0.05 to 28,800 cc/(m2× day) for barriers and 0.00025 to 144 cc/(pkg × day) for packages. The 2/12 T model is designed to test high transmitters with breathable barriers in an OTR range of 200 to 65,000 cc/(m2 × day), which is beyond the range of traditional oxygen permeation instruments.