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Thermoformer Offers More Precision, Control of Form and Trim

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Ultra 2 can serve multiple industries and is equipped with a more robust, heavy-duty, rail transport system.

SencorpWhite, Hyannis, Massachusetts, announces the release of the Ultra 2. Designed for multiple industries looking for efficiency and more precision and control of form and trim, the Ultra 2 is equipped with a more robust, heavy-duty, rail transport system, unmatched in the industry.

This new rail transport system lets formers minimize material usage and generate less waste. The Ultra 2 utilizes our proprietary off-load system, which is said to be up to 70% faster than previous designs. The Ultra 2 combines speed along with the ability to deliver either more ups by cycle or produce larger pieces.

SencorpWhite’s Ultra 2 includes inline steel rule tools to help reduce tool and labor costs. Tools are designed to shorten production time, giving processors the ability to change tools within hours, not days, at a significant cost savings (10 times less than traditional punch and die).


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