Thermoforming | 1 MINUTE READ

Thermoforming: Buffering, Unloading Station

Unit can be added on to machines from various suppliers.


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The SpeedPacker from Kiefel is a buffering and unloading station that is fully integrated into the steel-rule cutting machine. It can be used with the company’s KMD Speedformer and is also compatible with other manufacturers’ steel-rule cutting machines. Buffering is key to reducing personnel requirements and achieving tremendous cost savings. The ergonomically optimized SpeedPacker ensures safe operation. The level of the unloading belt can easily be adjusted to the suit the height of the operator. Retrofitting is also possible for machines already in use.

Kiefel machines are modular and can be expanded as required. Various stacking solutions, quality control, and packing units are available. Automation is a considerable success factor for efficient manufacturing and enhanced productivity.


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