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Thermoforming: Enhanced Cup Former

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High-speed former now offers enhancements in cooling, speed and controls.

Kiefel has announced several upgrades to its Thermorunner KTR 5.1 Speed cup forming machine. A new cooling system reportedly ensures perfect temperatures in the tool. The fully automatic tool temperature regulation results in a 30% longer tool life compared to the previous model, says Kiefel, resulting in an increase in product quality with about 10% increased output.

An improved forming air system is said to allow faster filling and venting of all cavities and thus supports speed gains of up to roughly 30% as well as more precise forming .

Kiefel has also upgraded the film-transport system with what it calls “sophisticated film spreading,” and a feed table that protects the material surface.

Software improvements include enhanced process monitoring, intuitive forming process settings, “Smart Startup” and the “on-the-fly” feature, and smooth transfer from forming to stacking.



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