Thermoforming: Fast-Cycling Stacking Robots

Speeds as fast as 40 cycles/min. Two- and three-axis versions are available.

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Italy’s Amut Comi (North American office Amut North America, Inc., Concord, Ont.) has introduced a new series of stacking robots that will be supplied with its ACF thermoforming machines introduced at K 2016 (see September 2016). The new stacking robots are billed as an evolution of the classic vertical wall stacker, and are available in two models:


  • The ER2X, which consists of a vertical axis to pick up and discharge parts and a horizontal axis to take the parts from the picking station to the stacking unit; and


  • The ER3X, which has a a third rotating axis that rotates from 0°-180° to turn parts for A-B stacking or other purpose. This system allows getting different stacking possibilities depending on the characteristics of the products.


Amut-Comi’s EASY software harmonizes the robot with all operations of the thermoforming machine. The axis interpolation during the movements permits the optimal displacement of parts, from the picking up to the discharging points, at speeds up to 40 cycles/min.

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