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7/21/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

THERMOFORMING: Fast, Flexible Pressure Former

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Electric-servo machine boasts higher speeds and larger forming area.

The Speedformer KMD 90 from Kiefel GmbH (U.S. office is Kiefel Technologies, Portsmouth, N.H.) is a new pressure forming machine that reportedly offers higher  productivity due its ability to run at faster cycle times and form bigger surface areas. The machine can run a range of sheet materials, including PS, OPS, PP, PE, PVC, PET, PLA, or CPET. It has black ceramic heaters in the heating station, and edge heaters permit efficient forming of thick sheet and brittle materials like PS and PLA. Accurate and reproducable width adjustment of the chain rails are said to ensure a precise cutting position. Extra-high cutting force of 93.5 tons is achievable.

Servomotor-actuated knee-lever drives reportedly provide high stability and smoothness. Both upper and lower platens have independent plug assist. A separate tool change station between the forming and cutting stations offers a fast and ergonomic operation. Heavy tools are supported by large ball bearings.

A down stacker places finished products on a conveyor belt below the sheet level. The unloading height of 1 m is said to be ergonomically convenient. Other features include a Siemens Simotion control system with touchscreen, two separate lubricating systems for index and motors, and a punching delay timer that reduces generation of angel hair.

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