THERMOFORMING: Higher-Speed System, IML Unit Unveiled

Machine with larger forming area and versatile IML system.

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At Illig’s recent open house in Heilbronn, Germany, more than 200 thermoformers from Europe, South America, and India got a look at two technologies presented for the first time: a new large IC-RDM 76K; and an IC-RDM 70K integrated with a newly developed RDML 70b IML-T unit.

PP cups with sealed rims were produced on the new, large IC-RDM 76K on a 60-up mold. They were run at a rate of 126,000 cups/hr in 75-mm diam. and height of 75 mm. The high productivity of the IC-RDM 76K is due to its forming area of 760 x 530 mm (vs. 700 x 450 mm for Illig’s established IC-RDM 75K). The lower table now features a lightweight design to accommodate the high movement speeds.

Meantime, Illig (U.S. office in Chester Springs, Pa.) ran decorated rectangular PP tubs on the IC-RDM 70K production line. This machine features a forming area of 680 x 300 mm. On an 18-up mold, tubs were made at 16 cycles/min for output of 17,280 tubs/hr.

The tubs were decorated on all four sidewalls and the bottom directly during forming. The RDML 70b IML-T unit removed the printed labels from a magazine and placed them in the mold cavities, each of which can be loaded with an individually printed label.