THERMOFORMING: Next-Generation Formers For Packaging

New machine line can form a gamut of materials.

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Italy’s Amut-Comi has developed a new generation of thermoforming machines for packaging applications. The VPK C84 series can be specified either in off-line or in-line configuration with three or four stations. It is said to be suited for forming a range of sheet materials, including PET, PP, PS, PLA, and PVC for  trays, lids, berry boxes, clamshells, nursery trays and plates.

The machine runs at production speeds to 35 cycles/min; dry cycles are 55/ min. The mold has an area of 840 × 650 mm. The four-column forming station has a clamping force of 24,000 kg (a top mold servo plug-assist is included), which can be extended to 60,000 kg if in-mold trimming is needed. The punching station clamping force reaches 24,000 kg  in the four-station model and 60,000 kg for the four-column cutting station.

The VPK C84 series is equipped with a servo-driven up-stacker (robot stacking on request) and a precise individual heating element control for top and bottom ovens with open zone configuration. The oven can be 1.95-mm long (three steps) or 3.25 mm (five steps in case of PP).

This series of machines is completely servo driven and equipped with a new software with a full diagnostic and easy learning/handling operator interface.