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THERMOFORMING: Refrigerator Liner Machine Is Faster, More Flexible

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Modular design also cuts delivery times nearly in half.

The new SharpFormer is billed by the supplier—Kiefel, Freilassing, Germany (U.S. office Portsmouth, N.H.) as the new standard in thermoforming for refrigerator liners. Due to a modular construction, delivery times are about four months, as opposed the seven-month wait for more conventional systems. The machine is said to be flexible, compact and fast. Concerning the former, processors can select the production system from left to right (and vice-versa) without impacting delivery time. Where speed is concerned, the unit has a cycle time of 24 sec, making it possible for a thermoformer to produce 150 liners/hr.

The machine is furnished with impact-resistant, durable, black ceramic radiators that are separately controlled. What’s more, Kiefel has developed a flexible system that reportedly permits fast-setup on 90% of the tools typically found in this market.

The operating panel on the SharpFormer is equipped with a new KID-CAT software package. Company officials say the software guides the operator on a step-by-step basis to create a new recipe—or optimize existing ones—at a time savings of up to 85%. The software is supported by video clips, which visualize the process for the operator.


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