Thermoforming: Stacking Robots For Formed Packaging

Designed for use with Amut-Comi ACF line of thermoforming machines.

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New stacking robots available from Italy’s Amut-Comi SpA are available in two models:

  • The ER2X consists of a vertical axis to pick up and discharge formed parts and a horizontal axis to take the parts from the picking station to the stacking unit.
  • The ER3X is furnished with a third axis that can rotate from 0°-180°, allowing it to turn parts for A-B stacking or other purpose. This system allows getting different stacking possibilities depending on the characteristics of the products.

The units are controlled by Amut-Comi’s Easy software, which harmonizes he robot with the thermoforming machine. The robots operate at speeds to 40 cycles/min. A specific page has been added to the machine control panel to give operators flexibility in setting all the cycle parameters of the robot. The machine builder describes the interface as user-friendly and intuitive.

The robots are designed to be used with the company’s ACF line of thermoformers.