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8/9/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Thermoforming: Steel-Rule Former is Fast, Easy to Operate

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Next-generation Speedformer also billed as energy efficient.

Kiefel will be running it next-generation steel-rule thermoformer at K 2019. The Speedformer KMD 78.2 Speed is said to offer formers higher productivity, process control and availability, as well as trend-setting intuitive user guidance with considerable added value in operation and maintenance. The heating system is ready for use within a very short time and offers a 20% higher heating capacity—despite reduced energy consumption In combination with the servo drives' energy recovery system this leads to considerable energy savings.

A newly developed film-feed table safely and gently guides the film to the film-transport system. The proven station drives stabilize and work symmetrically. The further optimized forming air-vacuum system enables processors to produce superior formed parts. The ergonomic tool change systems can significantly shorten set-up times. The many improvements and details add up to significantly increase the up-time of the KMD 78.2 Speed.

Pictograms and graphics, some animated, support the adjustment of machine parameters—and if necessary they aid fault diagnosis and rectification as well. The new KMD generation only needs a few parameters to be input, the rest are automatically determined by installed algorithms. The display shows the entire forming process and other important processes at a glance, important functions are just a click away. This makes the complete process easy to understand, even for non-experts.


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