THERMOFORMING: Train on Thick-Sheet Thermoforming

Available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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The Thick Sheet Thermoforming training course from Paulson Training Programs Inc., Chester, Conn. is now available anywhere, anytime and on any device—including a version offered on CD. This in-depth, five-lesson course covers all aspects of the thick sheet thermoforming process, including how to quickly solve problems and how to best develop advanced troubleshooting skills. Many of the conditions that cause part defects are explained. Personnel taking this course will become knowledgeable of the process, the characteristics of thermoformed parts and the most common causes of part defects.

The five lessons in Paulson's new course include:

•           Lesson 1 – Introduction: Plastics and the Thermoforming Process

•           Lesson 2 – Properties of the Extruded Sheet

•           Lesson 3 – Effective Heating of the Plastic Sheet

•           Lesson 4 –Temperature Control, Vacuum and Pressure Systems

•           Lesson 5 – Venting, Mold Cooling and Finished Part Properties

All of Paulson courses come with study guides and easy to install instructions as well as personalized installation by one of our tech support team members if requested.