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Third Generation of Hybrid and All-Electric Machines Come to North America

Absolute Haitian says the latest generation of the electric Zeres III and all-electric Venus III offers advances in hardware and software.


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Absolute Haitian (Worcester, Mass.), the exclusive sales and service partner in the U.S. and Canada for China’s Ningbo Haitian Machinery Co. Ltd., says the third generation Zeres and Venus machine lines feature a 10% decrease in dry-cycle times, increased tie bar spacing, reduced overall layout, improved process control and 4.0 connectivity.

On the software side, improvements include the Motion Plus optimized drive control and Connectivity Plus open integration platform for incorporation of robotics and automation. The third generation Zhafir models include the Venus III, Zeres III and Jenius III. The Venus III series is cleanroom ready with all-electric precision and repeatability. For large tonnage applications, the Jenius III offers precision electric injection and increased mold capacity in a space-saving two-platen configuration.

The top-selling Zeres III series provides energy saving precision of electric injection and clamp functions, but adds a hydraulic powerpack for cores, ejectors, valve gates and carriage movement. The Zeres III also offers a high-speed and a multi-shot configuration for even more application flexibility.

The Zhafir features a new electric injection unit with a single, dual and quad-spindle drive. Absolute Haitian said the challenge here was to synchronize the software and hardware for all four spindles. The resulting multi-axis control technology is based on servo torque direct drives.

Other injection unit improvements include the use of linear guides for the injection carriage; more “active” hold pressure response for better quality in small and precision parts; a standard swiveling injection unit for fast screw and barrel changes; and injection speeds up to 500 mm/sec.

On the clamp, enhancements includes greater tie bar spacing; 10% faster dry cycle times; improved mold protection; reduced platen deformation; and space reserved for robot movement above the non-operator side of the machine. There’s an option for linear guides on the clamp unit, and the overall machine layout is smaller, according to Absolute Haitian.

Software Improvements

Absolute Haitian says the new Motion Plus package provides sensor communication improvements for a new, more adaptive processing control. Connectivity Plus extends to how the user and auxiliary equipment can interface and communicate with the machine.

Connectivity Plus features communication interfaces, interoperability and device integration based on common interfaces such as Euromap 77, 82 and 83. Remote monitoring of process conditions, alarms and more is possible, while the control can be directly connected to Absolute Haitian for remote support. The programs are based on OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) standards to allow seamless connection to MES systems, as well as industrial automation.

Absolute Haitian describes Motion Plus as the collection of already established and new developments for intelligent motion control. Capabilities include proprietary servo drive to motor parameterization for precise velocity/pressure control and the Versatile Automation Random Access Network (VARAN) Fieldbus.

The Zhafir family of electric injection molding machines has clamping forces ranging from 44 to 3709 tons with toggle and two-platen clamp configurations serving a range of applications from clean rooms to large, complex automotive components.

Haitian Zeres III injection molding machine


The Zeres III series provides electric injection and clamp functions, but adds a hydraulic powerpack for other movements.