Blow Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Three-Layer Bottles with Auto Weight Control

All-electric machine produces three-layer bottles that are leak tested and weighed, with automatic feedback to adjust the process.


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Kautex Machines is molding three-layer personal-care bottles on a KBB40D double-side shuttle, one of its latest series of all-electric machines. This unit has been sold to Amcor, which has representatives at the Kautex booth.

At NPE, Kautex is molding a 600-ml, flat oval bottle in 2 × 5 cavities. Leak testing is performed inside the machine, and continuous weight checking of the bottles feeds back to adjust the process automatically. The quick-mold-change features of the KBB are demonstrated twice a day.

The bottles use the three-layer ReCo process, whereby color is added only to the outer layer; the inner layer is virgin material; and the middle layer uses regrind or PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic.

Kautex is also showing off the second generation of its “virtual machine,” a training tool that enables exact simulation of production on a KBS, KBB, or KCC series machine. In keeping with the Industry 4.0 “smart factory” trend, Kautex is also presenting remote diagnostics, called Kautex Remote Service.