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Tool Separator Eases Mold Service and Maintenance

RUD’s Tool Separator is said to require only five minutes and one person to complete the entire mold separation process.


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RUD (Aalen, Germany) says its tool separator can not only optimize service and maintenance operations, but increase work place safety. The Tool Separator has an opening and closing force of 5 tons and a PLC control. RUD says carefully controlled force and speed help ensure tool halves are opened gently and closed accurately. Operators can set the degree of force from zero to 55 tons and set speeds from 0 to 2000 mm/min.

For a process that on a larger tool can take hours and require multiple employees, RUD says its  Tool Separator requires a maximum of five minutes and only one person to complete the entire process. The company also notes that using the molding machine to separate the tool unnecessarily ties up the press. Ergonomics are boosted by a lower working height with the contact surface at 15 inches. After opening, the operator can work directly on both halves of the tool, performing minor repairs or maintenance tasks, while the halves are held securely. In addition to reducing downtime required for maintenance, RUD says the separator guarantees safe tool handling since its platens cannot move if a person is standing between the mold halves.

RUD Tool Separator

RUD’s Tool Separator includes a wireless pendant control for operations from a safe distance.

The Tool Separator is driven electrically by RUD’s TECDOS Pi-Gamma two-in-one chain drive system, which was developed for horizontal and vertical applications. This system is based on a high performance round steel chain, also created by RUD. The electric drive gives the unit a smaller footprint than if a hydraulic drive were used.

The unit is sized for tools weighing up to 10 tons, but RUD says it can handle lighter or heavier molds if needed. It features an approximately 50-by-50-by-50-in. clamping plate, with a sliding and contact surface height of 15 in. The Tool Separator can also be moved by crane, so molders can position it where it’s needed.

To further boost safety, optional add-on parts, such as a guard bracket, can be installed to complement the automatic stop function that is triggered as soon as anyone is detected on the unit. A light curtain or protective fence can also be supplied to further optimize safety. By using it a radio-control pendant, the Tool Separator can also be operated safely from a distance. RUD calls its Tool Separator a good complement to its Tool Mover Pro.