TOOLING: Automatic Multi-Dater

Space-saving device is for medium- to large parts that need traceability markings.

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Eleda Cumsa has launched the 22-mm dia Monoblock Marker with triple-information-display. Nine-mm inserts enable easy reading with the naked eye, and 8-mm diameter motors assure a robust and reliable system. They have the same marking range as their 15-mm predecessor; year, month, hour, minutes and even a three-digit sequential marker offering an exhaustive control of your production.

With the Monoblock molders can reportedly save a lot of space for their production markings. Currently being used on medium to large plastic parts that need high traceability accuracy, such as automotive interior parts such as door panels and pillars, household-appliance panels. etc.--any part that requires a high-quality commitment.

Its size, its legibility, and its flexibility for wide-ranging information make this new Monoblock the ideal marking product for meticulous and accurate traceability of products that hold great responsibility.