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TOOLING: Easy Lifter Adjustment in Ejector Plates

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New component makes it easier to fine-tune the installation of lifters into ejector plates.

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The RF lifter adjustment from CUMSA (U.S. office in Troy, Mich.) allows for small adjustments— approximately ±2mm—to the lifter rod height. These can be used to correct slight inaccuracies in the tool and its components while also enabling molders to fine tune the lifter head with the ejection plates mounted.

CUMSA notes that the RF lifter is a good complement for its Double Rack (DR) and Cooled Rack (KR) lifters because it allows for accurate assembly and disassembly while having the ejector plates in place. It reportedly eases the installation of any vertical mechanisms, and it can also be replaced without having to disassemble the ejector plates.


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