Mold Maintenance | 1 MINUTE READ

Tooling: ‘Eco-Friendly’ Rust Remover & Preventative

Water-based product from iD Additives removes rust and prevents its formation.


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It’s water-based, environmentally safe, EPA tested, nontoxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-aerosol. So says iD Additives about its new Eco-Pro 360, which reportedly removes mill oil, flash rust, and white rust without etching. What’s more it provides a protective coating for long-term rust protection and does not need to be removed before the mold goes back into production.

Eco Pro 360 is a new product category for iD Additives, a supplier of colorants, foaming agents, UV stabilizers, and purging compounds. It reportedly “cleans, coats and seals” injection molds, blown film dies, and other tooling. It also can be reused many times after filtering out any rust particles.