TOOLING: Food-Grade Rust Protection for Packaging Molds

An extension of this supplier's line beyond purging compounds and release agents.

Related Suppliers

Chem-Trend, Howell, Mich., a supplier of purging compounds and release agents, has now added Lusin Protect G 31 F rust-preventive agent to its line. This product is a spray-on, wax-based mold-maintenance product that is NSF registered and complies with FDA regulations for food-grade applications involving packaging molds where incidental food contact is possible.

Unlike typical oil-based rust inhibitors, this dry film is nondripping, does not creep between mold plates, slides, etc., and can be easily removed by molding a few parts, the company says. It reportedly also does not leave “oil marks” on transparent and optical parts. It does provide lubricating properties.