Tooling: Guide for Inclined Pin Promises Higher Force Absorption

Materials and special hole geometry impart full-surface contact between inclined pin and guiding for higher force absorption.

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Meusburger’s (U.S. office in Charlotte, headquarters in Wolfurt, Austria) E 3064 guide for inclined pins reportedly provides optimal surface contact with the inclined pin, resulting in a high force absorption. Meusburger notes that the machining of the pocket in the slide is possible without inclining, and that the slide stroke can be customized by adjusting the guide’s position.

Meusburger US, Inc. Standard Molds said it developed the E 3064 inclined-pin guide to deal with the strong forces acting on the moving components. Due to special hole geometry, full-surface contact between the inclined pin and the guiding results in greater absorption of force.

On a mold, the guide for the inclined pin can be installed by cutting a rectangular pocket with a threaded hole in the slide, providing the required clearance for the inclined pin. Machining can be carried out on a conventional 3-axis machine before tool hardening with installation possible from the split-line face. The E 3064 Guide for inclined pin is available from stock for inclined pins with diameters of 12-30 mm. The CAD data, including installation spaces, are available at Meusburger’s online store.