TOOLING: Innovative Spin on Cube Molds At K 2016

Three exihibits for multicolored caps with in-mold closing, foam/solid PET preforms for stretch-blow molding, and for injection-blow molding on a modified injection machine.

At next month’s K 2016 show in Dusseldorf, German moldmaker FOBOHA (U.S. office in Beverly Mass.) will present three noteworthy demonstrations of its rotary cube mold technology together with other exhibitors. At Arburg’s booth (U.S. office in Rocky Hill, Conn.), a 32-cavity tool will produce closures with a seal and a film hinge. Capping of the seals occurs automatically in the fourth station of the cube mold without any loss of cycle time. This tool is said to reduce the usual cycle time of 12-13 sec to under 9 sec for a 35% increase in production.

At the booth of Milacron, Cincinnati, two-layer PET preforms will be produced in a cube mold using MuCell foaming technology from Trexel, Wilmington, Mass. After stretch-blow molding in a subsequent process, the foam creates a silvery metallic effect without need for pigments that would compromise recyclability. On the opposite side of the cube mold, the foam core is sheathed with solid PET, generating the outer shape and thread of the preform.

And at Engel’s booth (U.S. office in York, Pa.), a cube mold will used for the first time for injection-blow molding small containers (see Blow Molding show preview in this issue).