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Tooling: Larger Model Integrated Pump/Filter System for Cleaning Internal Cooling Passages

New Eco-Pro 360 XL cart from iD Additives more than doubles the output of the company’s standard Eco-Pro cart, and targets larger molds and chill rolls for extrusion.


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iD Additives Inc. (LaGrange, Ill.), a supplier of additives including foaming agents, purging compounds and rust remover and preventatives, has expanded its Eco-Pro 360 line of rust removal products. The new Eco-Pro 360 XL Cart is a larger version of the company’s previously released mobile integrated pump/filter system for cleaning internal cooling passages in molds and other products. The original cart runs up to 13.5 gpm, while the XL will go up to 28 gpms. The standard cart’s operating capacity ranges from 5 to 30 gallons, while the XL runs from  25 to 55 gallons.

The cart pushes iD Eco-Pro 360 solution through channels to provides fast, eco-friendly rust removal on injection molds, heat exchangers, blown film dies, and other products. iD Additives says the new XL Cart more than doubles the output of the company’s standard Eco-Pro cart, making it ideal for larger molds and extrusion chill rolls. In addition, the Eco-Pro 360 XL Cart and the standard Eco-Pro 360 Cart have both added a new pressure-relief valve. iD Additives says this safety feature provides pressure relief in the case of completely blocked cooling passages. 

The company will exhibit the new Eco-Pro 360 XL Cart, among other items, at the Amerimold Connects 2020 virtual event, organized by Plastics Technology’s parent, Gardner Business Media, and its sister publication, MoldMaking Technology. As part of the ‘Tool Room Live’ area of the event, where several exhibitors will show videotaped demonstrations of their products, iD Additives will be showing its standard Eco-Pro 360 cart in operation, flushing out cooling passages in molds, while Bryan Whitaker, iD Additives Technical Manager, will be available online to answer questions.

iD’s Ron Bishop and Dave Denzel will be available throughout the show to answer attendee questions on all of iD Additives’ products. A complete schedule of times each manager will be available during Amerimold Connects is posted on the iD Additives website at

iD Eco-Pro 360 XL Cart

The new iD Eco-Pro 360 XL Cart doubles the capacity of the pump/filter system, which cleans cooling passages.