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Tooling: Locating Rings Add Sizes

Hasco has added new inner diameters and location depths to its line of locating rings.


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Hasco has expanded its line of locating rings to include the new Z7511/ and Z7516/ variations. The Z7520/ and Z7525/ product groups with mounting holes for the moving half can now be supplied in the standard 4-mm location depth as well as an 8-mm version. The Z7511/ and Z7516/ variations have inside diameters of 26 and 36 mm.

The locating rings help ensure precise mold mounting with accurate centering and reliable guidance during tool installation on the injection molding machine. Hasco says the new, extended guide depth of 8 mm can prevent wobbling and tilting of the mold during installation. Hasco says all its locating rings offer numerous options and are compatible with the the company’s sprue bushings and thermal insulating sheet.

Hasco locating rings

Hasco has expanded its range of locating rings which help molders more easily—and accurately—mount molds.

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