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Tooling: Modular Plates Add Dimensions and Variations

More than 1500 additional dimensions and variants of Hasco’s K-Standard machined plates are now available in the company’s online shop.


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Hasco’s modular machined K plates have added 1500 additional variants. The company says the new dimensions and variants were specifically designed to cater to the individual requirements of the moldmaking sector, responding to customer feedback, in part.

Precision manufactured from low-tension European quality steel, the K plates are characterized by their modular structure and the variety of options. The plates come with already drilled system bores, which are either designed to nominal dimensions for direct use or incorporate an allowance for subsequent heat treatment. Hasco promises stock availability and short delivery times for the plates, which are available at the company’s online store.

Hasco K plates

Hasco’s modular, standardized K plates have added 1500 new dimensions and variations. 


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