Tooling: Mold-Tracking App Adds Collaboration Features

Share tooling projects with an unlimited amount of users and suppliers.

ToolStats (Warren, Mich.) has released a redesigned version of its app that in addition to a new interface now allows users to easily communicate and collaborate with their supply chain. The app allows users to share their tooling projects with an unlimited amount of users and suppliers with customizable data storage and upgraded tracking features. With ToolStats, each tool has a corresponding QR code that can be scanned at any time to pull up all the mold’s data.

Acting as a central platform that all individuals involved in a tooling program can access at any time from any location, the app allows users to store data, share files, track timelines, and post information throughout the lifespan of the program. User permission controls are available to manage which users and teams can access your projects, and designate what their capabilities are to those jobs.

The app also allows users to report issues, log maintenance activity, track production totals, and keep tabs on mold location. ToolStats says its patented barcoding technology ensures that a mold’s information and history are always with it.