TOOLING: New Mold Base Sizes, Mold Cleaners, Rust Preventatives

Larger frame sizes, and spray-on mold-maintenance chemicals.

Related Suppliers

At the June Amerimold 2014 show in Novi, Mich., PCS Co., Fraser, Mich., introduced several new products. One is larger mold-base frame sizes of 16 x 26 and 18 x 26 in. Thicker mold plates are now up to 5.875 in. thick, vs. up to 4.875 in. previously.

PCS is also offering new spray-on products from Nanoplas, Inc., Elk Grove, Ill. These include Zap-Ox rust remover, Power Cleaner mold cleaner and degreaser (also available in Mold Brite FDA-compliant version), and Mold Guard rust preventative.


  • Cleaning Molds: Part I

    More labor hours are spent cleaning mold plates and tooling than any of the other repair stages (disassembly, troubleshooting, or assembly) combined.

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  • Keep Molds Running Longer

    New low-friction, high-hardness coatings and upgraded deposition technologies are expanding the range of surface treatments to help tooling stand up to tougher molding challenges.