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6/17/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

TOOLING: New Mold Components At Amerimold Show

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New bar locks, wear plates, and slide retainers.

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Progressive Components, Wauconda, Ill., brought out three new or expanded product lines at the amerimold 2014 show last month in Novi, Mich., presented by Plastics Technology’s sister publication, MoldMaking Technology. Progressive introduced its new Z-Series bar locks for large packaging and automotive molds and stack, three-plate, and stripper-plate molds. These bar locks are designed for molds where longer and more robust alignment is required. They allow alignment to take place before tall cores engage
at mold close, unlike leader pins, which do not provide the same precision to accurately align the mold halves and prevent damage to cores and shutoffs. These bar locks utilize the Z-Series proprietary anti-wear treatment, also used in Progressive’s Z-Series alignment locks. Bar locks come in four standard widths and up to 16 in. long.

Another new wear component that uses the Z-Series particle rings and material treatments is a series of standard wear plates that avoid the usual necessity for mold shops to make their own. Only 0.25 in. thick, the wear plates allow more room for water lines or other mold features. They come in 10 sizes starting at 0.500 x 0. 500 in.

In addition, Progressive expanded its line of SRT slide retainers from three sizes to seven. Previously ranging from 10 to 80 lb retention force, the series now extends down to 2 lb.


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