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TOOLING: New Offerings for Plastic & Paint Stripping from Metal Parts

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Wider range of fluidized-bed cleaners.

Schwing Fluid Technik GmbH of Germany, a builder of electric-heated, fluidized-bed cleaning systems and vacuum furnaces for thermal cleaning of plastics-processing hardware, will be discussing its new North American representation at NPE2015 in Orlando this month. Schwing is now represented exclusively here by Dinamec Systems, LLC, Ackworth, Ga., which makes gas-heated fluidized sand beds for removing paint, powder coatings, rubber, and plastic from most all metal alloys. Dinamec thereby offers a wider range of cleaning systems for metal tools and machine parts of any type and size.


  • Pay Attention to Heat Transfer

    Money will be lost if cooling is not done right.

  • Vacuum Venting Keeps Molds Running Longer

    In tough economic times, facing hungry competition here and abroad, molders cannot afford to ignore preventable problems that slow cycles, cost machine downtime and mold maintenance, and waste material on reject parts.

  • How to Determine Maximum Mold Cycle Counts

    At my first production meeting with my new employer, I was told, “We want you to establish a preventive maintenance program that is based on maximum cycle counts for all our molds.” Then, before I could launch into an explanation of how best to determine maximum cycle counts, I was hit with the follow-up: “So, how many cycles do you think our molds can safely run before we need to clean them?”Leaving my crystal ball at home and unable to get my x-ray vision working, there was no way to answer this question with any real accuracy.