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Tooling: Self-Locking Wedge Clamps

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Spring force wedge clamps allow clamping without permanent hydraulics.

Hilma’s new self-locking wedge clamps are powered by spring force, making them well suited for clamping dies with a straight clamping edge, metal stamping die change or plastic mold change. The use of springs means no permanent hydraulic supply is necessary and only 160 bar pressure is needed to release the clamp. The self-locking clamping bolts, which are monitored by inductive switches and visual position monitoring, can withstand temperatures up to 160 C (320 F) and come with a rust-protective coating. Adaptable to numerous applications, the wedge clamps offer maximum flexibility when used with hydraulic connections, even in the standard range of cylinder diameters from 35 to 85 mm.


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