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TOOLING: Servo-Driven Unscrewing Molds with High Cavitation

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Faster and more efficient than rack-and-pinion mechanisms.

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Moldmaker StackTech of Brampton, Ont., has added servo-drive capability to its high-cavitation molds. The company has built two servo-driven unscrewing molds for clean-room use. The servo molds use belts and pulleys and a sealed drive system. Energy consumption and maintenance requirements are both said to be less than for an hydraulic rack-and-pinion system; faster cycles and improved part ejection control are also claimed.

The mold comes with a caster-mounted control cabinet including a power source. A simple pendant with five buttons is said to provide highly accurate control of unscrewing speed.

“Considering that it’s available at a very modest premium, we expect servo-driven unscrewing will become the new standard for the industry,” says Vince Travaglini, StackTeck’s v.p. of sales and marketing.

Adds Jordan Robertson, general manager of business development and marketing, “In one case, a single-cavity prototype mold ran with conventional hydraulic technology with an unscrewing time of 1 sec. When we ran the 16-cavity production mold, the unscrewing time (with servo drive) was reduced to 0.3 sec.”


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