TOOLING: Stable, Precise Gear Unit for Stack Molds

The smaller tooth size on the gears delivers more accurate synchronization.

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Austria’s Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG ( U.S. office in Charlotte, N.C.) has launched the E 8630 Gear unit for stack molds. Available in two sizes with lengths of 800 to 1200 mm and in module 3 or module 4, the E 8630 features ground- and induction-hardened gear racks and gear wheels.

Designed to be as compact as possible so that it can be installed in machines with tighter tiebar spacing, the gear unit also has a closed housing to ensure worker safety. Positioning of the component can be accomplished via milled pockets or dowel holes. DLC coating of the force-absorbing gliding plate helps reduce wear and extend product life. Meusburger has an online shop, where customers can enter the necessary parameters for their project, resulting in 3D data that can be downloaded.