TOOLING: Updated CAD Software for Molds

Faster, easier to use software for designing molds.

At the Amerimold 2014 conference in Novi, Mich., in June, Missler Software launched its TopSolid Mold 7 CAD software for mold design. Available here from Clear Cut Solutions Inc., Addison, Ill., TopSolid Mold 7 is based on the Windows 7 platform. It boasts a more intuitive graphical interface, faster processing, and integration of flow analysis through TopSolid PlasticFlow. The software also includes a powerful new Split module that can manage inserts from the split stage and provides automatic detection of parting lines. New “intelligent standard components” allows for fully customizable standard mold bases, ejector pins, guides, etc. In addition, the software provides total control of your mold data from product design through toolpath management. As a result, all modifications at any stage of the tool design and build are automatically propagated.

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