TOOLING: Vacuum System Removes Trapped Gas

Based on venturi principle that transforms entering air into negative energy.

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The CUMSA Vacuum System from CUMSA USA, Troy, Mich., is designed to extract trapped air in the mold cavity. This simple system is based on the “venturi” principle that transforms the entering air into negative energy.

The set works merely with a standard air pressure of 6-8 bars (85-95 psi). It requires no pump; the compressed air must be kept running during the entire injection cycle.

When the mold closes, the air compressed is connected and the vacuum system pulls out the gas stuck inside the cavity. This creates a vacuum within the cavity so when the plastic is injected, the velocity of filling the cavity increases and the resin flows freely and effortlessly. 

Additional benefits include:  No need to increase the injection pressure; reductions in energy and time; elimination of secondary operations to achieve higher product quality;  a cleaner part appearance; reduction of flashes and weld lines; and a more uniform color.

Three different vacuum devices are available with diverse suction capacity to fit different types of tools, even existing molds.