Torus Debuts Inspection Equipment for Packaging

Torus’s instruments for dimensional and destructive testing apply to bottles with a broad range of shapes.

The U.K.’s Torus Measurement Systems, exhibiting for the very first time at the NPE, is offering regular demonstrations and information on its latest plastic packaging innovations, which are used extensively for dimensional and destructive testing to meet the quality demands of customers.Over the last five years, the company has developed some key inspection systems for a broad range of bottles.

On display is the new B302 Thread, Body & Thickness (TBT) Gauge for plastic bottles and preforms which reportedly combines the proven inspection capability of Torus’ B300 Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge with the advanced technologies of the B305 Preform Gauge.

The 6-axis TBT Gauge combines automatic thread start and bottle alignment routines with the most recent non-contact confocal white-light technology to measure wall thickness, and the latest vision technology to measure neck finish, body dimensions and perpendicularity. This gives the operator the ability to take non-contact dimensions in one single operation without operator influence. This is said to result in savings in labor, time and material costs. The B302 is designed with an extended measurement range to deal with the latest industry needs with scope to measure filled and closed containers in round, oval, square/rectangle and non-symmetrical shaped bottles. Measurement results are presented to the operator in a clearly structured interface and can be exported to many leading data acquisition systems.

The Torus team is also offering detailed information on the other equipment in the range—the B300 Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge, B301 Semi-Automatic Preform Gauge, B303 Bottle Burst Gauge, B304 Top Load & Volume Gauge and the B305 Automatic Preform Inspection System. All Torus gauges are fully traceable to UKAS standards and are supplied with calibrated masters, which have been measured in Torus’ own UKAS approved laboratory. Torus products are also backed up with dedicated service and support from all over the world. Our engineers and partner companies travel globally supporting more than 400 pieces of automated machinery and providing installation and training services throughout the world.

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