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Toyo All-Electric Presses in a Variety of Roles

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LSR, medical molding, and custom machine demos. Plus a vertical insert press.

Among five demonstrations of Toyo all-electric machines, Maruka USA provides an example of its new customization services. A recent project was the customized 150-ton Toyo Si-150-6 on display, which will mold golf tees.

In addition, a 110-ton Toyo Si-110-6 is molding LSR magnifying glasses, and a 400-ton Toyo Si-400-6 is producing decorative flowerpots in four cavities (two pots and two bases). A 55-ton Toyo Si-55-6 is producing medical safety caps. And a vertical, all-electric Toyo ET-90HR2 vertical rotary machine is also on display.