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Twin-Screw Extruders with Energy-Saving Features

 Aimed at PVC pipe, profiles, and wood plastic composites, among others.  


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Italy’s Bausano (U.S. sales offices in Houston and Oswego, Ill.) has introduced its next generation counter-rotating twin-screw extruder lines to the U.S. and Canadian markets. Both the MD Plus and MD Nextmover series are aimed at PVC pipe, profiles, and wood plastic composites, among others.

The lines feature the company’s patented multidrive transmission system, a careful study of interpenetrating and counter-rotating screw geometry and the newest motor generations and tools for consumption analysis, all of which are said to combine to deliver high levels of efficiency, durability, reliability and sustainability.

Developed some 30 years ago, Bausano’s Multidrive technology is said to substantially reduce stress on motor shafts, gears and screws thanks to the tightening torque strain being distributed on two pairs of motors. Multidrive reportedly delivers higher power on screws equal to the power delivered to increase precision and reduce energy use. Compared to traditional systems, Multidrive’s innovative distribution of motion also reduces the likelihood of faults due to excessive stress on mechanical components, which ensures a longer average service life of the machine—motors are managed by a single static frequency converter, an instrument capable of ensuring constant rotation and perfect synchronism, without using any additional devices.

New Series of Twin-Screw Extruders from Bausano

The MD Nextmover line features an all-new Digital Extruder Control 4.0 system with a capacitive, multi-touch, panoramic screen. It performs continuous screening of the system by processing reports and graphs in real time to easily and precisely analyze extrusion parameters and consumption at each stage of the production cycle. MD Nextmover also includes an innovative Smart Energy System for contactless cylinder heating. By using an alternating electromagnetic field, the new system delivers a significant reduction in wear-and-tear while delivering energy savings of up to 35%.

Twin-Screw Extruders with Energy-Saving Features

Both twin-screw lines also feature special multi-stage thrust bearings, which are designed to triple the dynamic load and enable the extruders to handle high volumes of production. For smaller lines, Bausano has developed Multidrive 2x2, which features a single pair of motors to reduce overall dimensions while optimizing gearbox operation.