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Ultra-Light TPE Composites for Footwear

Xenia’s new Xelight composites are based on Arkema’s Pebax TPE


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A new ultra-light composites family based on Pebax thermoplastic elastomer, a polyether-block-amide (PEBA) TPE from Arkema, is newly available from Italy’s specialty compounder Xenia Materials. They are reportedly well suited for many applications in the footwear arena. For the last few years, the two companies have had a cooperative agreement to develop lightweight long-chain nylon composites, starting with the well-known Pebax, particularly for sports-related applications. Xenia boasts unique expertise in compounding specialty lightweight thermoplastic composites. 

Xenia's carbon fiber reinforced PEBAX TPE for

Due to their exceptional density value, which is below 0,90 g/cm3 , Xelight grades stand out for their incredible lightness. At the same time, they are said to feature excellent impact strength, especially at low temperatures, great flexibility and high energy return, while maintaining the properties of the base resin. The Xelight grades also are said to combine a good hydrolytic resistance and dimensional stability as well as great processability and thermal resistance.  In addition, they are colorable and available in biocompatible grades. The materials are available in North America through direct sale as Xenia does not yet have a distributor in the region.