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‘Unique’ Infrared Welding Machine

Extol’s InfraGuide is said to be like no other IR welding technology eliminating heat flare-up or uneven heating.


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What is said to be a ‘unique’ infrared (IR) welding technology that eliminated uneven heating or heat flare-up associated with IR welding, has been launched by Extol, Zeeland, Mich.

Extol's new InfraGuide welding technology

The InfraGuide IR welding system is said to use focused IR energy from small 100-watt emitters to heat the weld joint on two parts. Each bulb is independently adjusted for uniform energy distribution along the entire weld. There are no flare ups. Positive air pressure clears the weld area of any off-gassing and eliminates any risk of fire. Once the joints are heated, the InfraGuide tooling moves out of the way and the parts are pressed together to weld. The company customizes each InfraGuide to an individual user’s application. That means that the machine can be as large or as small as a user needs it to be. It can apply force using whatever method the user wants.


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