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Upgraded Digital Charge Amplifier

New generation builds off wholly new unit launched in 2018 with faster startups and two energy paths.


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In 2018, Kistler launched what it called the world’s first digital charge amplifier: the 5074A. The company said this was the only amplifier on the market with communications based on industrial ethernet, which allowed users to tie piezoelectric sensors directly into their real time-capable ethernet system. Described as a key component in the piezoelectric measuring chain, charge amplifiers aid in the control and monitoring of industrial processes such as press-fit, assembly and joining operations. This includes converting the charge signals from piezoelectric cavity pressure sensors and thermocouples in injection molding into a proportional voltage or digital signal.

The new 5074B, builds off the 5074A, but with two new upgrades. It allows users to be ready to operate within around 6 seconds, as compared to the previous 30 seconds for each startup procedure, and the two energy paths in the M8 connectors are now separated so that additional standard devices can be connected as per the industry standard without extra considerations. This also makes it possible to switch off the peripheral power.

Kistler 5074B digital charge amplifier

The new dICA 5074B from Kistler reportedly simplifies integration thanks to standardized connections and optimized startup.