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3/20/2019 | 2 MINUTE READ

Upgraded Two-Platen, Servo-Hydraulic Press Now for U.S.

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Absolute Haitian’s Jupiter III said to be ideal for large parts such as trash bins, crates, automotive parts and appliance parts where high surface quality is critical.

Absolute Haitian’s Jupiter III (JU III) two-platen, servo-hydraulic injection molding machine—available in the U.S. and Canada since early 2019—is said add functionality and improves specifications while retaining energy efficiency and a compact footprint that maximizes productivity per square foot of plant space.

Currently available from 506 to 7,418 U.S. tons, the JU III is billed as ideal for large parts such as trash bins, crates, automotive parts and appliance parts where high surface quality is critical. The third-generation JU III upgrades make the two-platen design more useful for a wider range of applications. Benefits include faster cycles, higher precision, a smarter controller, lower costs and easier maintenance.

The clamp design has been updated with a simpler, more reliable and precise design. Molders will reportedly experience:

• 10% improvement in dry cycle times

• 10% improvement in braking speeds

• Increased tie bar spacing on the JUIII 13000 (1,461 U.S. tons), JUIII 16000 (1,798 U.S. tons), JUIII 18500 (2,079 U.S. tons), JUIII 24000 (2,698 U.S. tons), JUIII 28000 (3,147 U.S. tons) and JUIII 33000 (3,709 U.S. tons) models

• Simpler, more reliable design since the tie bar adjustment oil cylinder is eliminated and the tie bar adjustment and mold opening breakaway functions are performed by the high-pressure clamping cylinder.

The improved injection unit for the JU III enhances processing flexibility and power including:

• 10 to 20% increase in pump power for better pressure and speed

• New high-drive servo system for 100ms accelerated injection response

• Swiveling injection unit on all model sizes for ease of maintenance

• Additional injection unit sizes for the JUIII 18500, JUIII 21000, JUIII 24000, JUIII 28000 and JUIII 33000 models

Several enhancements to the JU III’s controller make for more efficiency in cycle times and project management, notably:

• Signal accuracy increased from 0.1 mm to 0.01 mm

• The KEBA control is equipped with GoFactory, Haitian's wireless communication interface network for software downloads and the latest cloud manufacturing services. New equipment does not need to manually upgrade software and hardware and the machine does not need additional field network engineering to install upgrades. Instead, molders can easily access the Go Factory platform to enjoy the latest cloud manufacturing services.

• MOTION PLUS, which acts as a communication center to convert and filter the IMM parameters for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) environments. MOTION PLUS is the result of Haitian’s 50+ years of technical experience manufacturing injection molding equipment and its commitment towards improving the operating experience for molders.