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Vacuum-Rated Double-Cone Tumble Blenders

Designed for large-scale yet 'intimate' blending of free-flowing solids. 


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The Ross Double Cone Tumble Blender (Model DCB) is designed for large-scale yet intimate blending of free-flowing solids in a full suite of laboratory, pilot and production sizes. In a highly repeatable process, minor and micro ingredients are thoroughly distributed throughout the batch more gently than in the more common V-shaped geometry without damaging fragile or sensitive components.

Double-Cone Tumble Blender

Rated for vacuum up to 29.5-in. Hg, the jacketed 75 ft3  Double Cone Blender (photo) heats and dries product with superior efficiency as it is being blended. Other features include gas purging capability, a 16-in. pneumatically-operated discharge valve, five-passage rotary union, explosion-proof brake motor and PLC controls.


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