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Versatile Medical Grade TPEs

Elastocon TPE Technologies says the two grades can be injection molded, extruded or over-molded.  
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Elastocon TPE Technologies will be unveiling its latest grades of compounds for medical grade applications at NPE2018.

Having recently passed USP Class VI testing for respirators and other medical product applications, these two grades—Elastocon 8028N and Elastocon 8068N—can be injection molded, extruded or over-molded. Properties include high flow to enable complex part design and flexibility, with Shore A hardness of 28A and 68A. The grades are odorless and said to offer excellent cold weather and UV stability. Elastocon reports that they have good surface finish and provide resistance to chlorine and most sanitizers, as well as many cleaning products. 

As such, these new grades offer designers, manufacturers and marketers of medical and industrial as well as consumer products—and particularly respirators—full design flexibility. These new grades are the latest additions to the extensive Elastocon 8000 Series TPEs, complementing numerous other series of standard TPE formulations available from stock.  The firm also can develop custom grades for specialized applications.                  

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