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Vertical Injection Molding Machine Offers Lower Profile

Nissei says the latest addition to its TWX-RIII series of vertical presses is 30% shorter than a comparable machine.


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Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd. has added the TWX300RIII36V machine with 300 tons clamping force to the TWX-RIII Series. The lower profile is thanks to a new compound type clamping mechanism, which has shortened its height compared to its predecessor by 10%. The compound type clamping mechanism consists of a high-speed cylinder, high-pressure clamping cylinder and half-nut mechanism, and replaces a conventional cylinder that controls both high-speed clamping and high-pressure clamping with one clamping cylinder. The new clamping mechanism has reduced the mold mounting height to roughly 40 in. throughout machine series. Nissei notes that the lower height eases product takeout, robot placement and maintenance, as well as the building costs of a new facility, thanks to lower ceilings.

The The hybrid vertical presses come with screw diameters of 45, 50 and 56 mm, for comparable shot sizes of 201, 254 and 314 cu cm, respectively. Nissei says the clamping mechanism is resistant to temperature change, helping it generate consistent clamping force. The dual design also reportedly reduces the required amount of hydraulic oil by 52%. The machine helps molders find the optimal, lowest clamping force required, and for mold protection purposes, it can detect foreign objects during mold close, preventing mold damage from the misalignment of insert workpieces.

Nissei says the machine’s design allows it to be converted to a 3-stage mold mounting face, and the 3-tiebar wide turntable has ample daylight, allowing the machine to accommodate more complex and larger molds or higher cavitation tooling. The turntable and ejectors are servodriven, allowing faster cycles and high precision, preventing insert misalignment.

The TACT IV controller has a 15-inch color LCD touchscreen, which allows users to arrange two windows vertically. The 500-μs control cycles can benefit smaller volume precision molding, and it supports six different languages. LAN and USB ports are standard. The TWX300RIII36V joins the TWX220RIII25V, which was introduced in April 2019.

Nissei TWX300RIII36V vertical injection molding machine

The work table of Nissei’s TWX300RIII36V vertical injection molding machine is at a user friendly 40 in.