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2/27/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

HEATING/COOLING: Water-cooled temperature controller utilizes stainless steel and glycol for longer life

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Longer life, greater efficiency, and higher accuracy are designed into a new water-cooled temperature controller, according to its manufacturer.


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IMS Company, Chagrin Falls, Oh., makes liberal use of stainless steel in the newest addition of its IMS Hydra series, applying the material in the 1-hp pump as well as its 14-gallon tank, extending their lifespan by helping them resist corrosion.

In addition to stainless steel, IMS notes that the use of glycol further limits opportunities for rust and other long-term issues that can be related to water use. The tank-style design also keeps cooling water and process water separated, further increasing the unit’s longevity and maintaining  the clarity of small water passageways.

Process water accuracy of ±1°F is reportedly possible thanks to a high- speed digital PID temperature controller with a 9-kW heating element. Able to circulate 30 gpm at an 88 ft head (38 psi) enables a process water temperature range from slightly above ambient plant water up to 250°F.

Mounted casters lend mobility to the Hydra water circulator, while the open construction grants easy maintenance access. The compact design results in a minimal shopfloor footprint, and the controller’s transparent polycarbonate cover both protects the machine’s electronics from moisture damage and accidental tampering and keeps the current status visible to operators.

The IMS Hydra water-cooled circulator is available in two stock voltage options: 230/60/3 (IMS #162713) or 460/60/3 (IMS #162714) and includes a 2-year warranty. 


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