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Weight-Loss Feeder Features Array of Unique Capabilities

Offers highly accurate and reliable feeding of a wide range of dry solids materials.


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Acrison’s Model 405-105X “Weight Loss” Feeder has a unique dissimilar- speed, double-concentric metering mechanism for highly accurate and reliable feeding of a wide range of dry solids materials.

Key features include a compact, space saving 22 × 32 in. footprint and what Acrison says is a technologically advanced, exceptionally durable and dependable dynamic weighing system that is permanently calibrated and totally adjustment-free. Acrison's proprietary Ratiometric Digital Weight Resolver instantly generates an unamplified, non-integrated, real-time weight signal with no delay for use with one of  the company's various multiprocessor controllers for optimal feed rate control.

Weight Loss Blender for Compounding

Feed rates range from several pounds to about 2000 lb/hr (based on product weighing 40 lb/ft3) with continuous metering accuracies that range between ±0.25 to 1% or better (error) at two sigma, based on a given number of consecutive one minute sample weighments.

The Model 405-105X requires minimal maintenance, offers a life expectancy of 20 yr, and provides the lowest cost-of-ownership in the industry, according to Acrison.

The entire weighing system of the weigh feeder, inclusive of electronics, is guaranteed for 5 yr—providing the user with a high degree of confidence in its ability to perform reliably and dependably 24/7.


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