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12/15/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

WELDING: All-Electric, Next-Generation Spin Welder

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Dukane’s new Servo Weld Plus comes with Melt-Match technology.

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A next-generation spin welder from Dukane, St. Charles, Ill., is an all-electric press system that uses two servomotors to provide precise control and accuracy for welding assemblies with circular weld joints. The servo controls enable this welder to provide high angular orientation and overall assembly height consistency. Servo Weld Plus with Melt-Match technology features a touch-enabled HMI with an intuitive menu structure to control and monitor welding. The spin axis has a positioning resolution of 0.1 degrees, while the vertical axis has a positioning resolution of 0.01 mm (0.0004 in.) and a force capacity of 2000 N (450 lb).

The new welder offers a number of different control methods for each phase of the joining cycle to facilitate operation for a wide variety of applications. Weld initiation methods include spin torque, vertical position and an external signal. Weld termination methods include distance (part collapse), vertical position, energy and peak spin torque. Post-weld methods include dynamic hold, static hold or  a combination of both. Melt-Match mode can be enabled during the weld phase, in which the motion of the vertical axis is coordinated with that of the spin axis to match the melt rate of the material being welded. The unit features an integral 175 mm, high-resolution color touch-screen interface with an intuitive menu structure and onboard storage of 64 setup recipes, programmable upper and lower limits for advanced process control, password protection, multiple menu languages, and weld performance data. Dukane

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