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9/14/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

WELDING: High-Frequency Generator for Medical Plastic Films

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Kiefel to debut what is considered a new generation of high-frequency devices for welding blood or infusion bags.

The latest generation of high-frequency generators for medical plastic film processing makes use of semiconductor technology and will be exhibited by Keifel GmbH (U.S. office in Portsmouth, N.H.), and is said to mark a new generation of such devices. Demand for high-frequency devices is particularly great in the medical industry where, for example, they are used for welding blood or infusion bags.The polar plastic films, such as PVC, EVA or PU, used in such applications are heated and joined under pressure using high-frequency energy. Produced by a generator, this energy is then fed into the material via electrodes and sets the polar molecules in the plastic in motion.

Developed at its in-house innovation and technology center, Keifel’s “pioneering” alternative to conventional tube generators makes use of the latest semiconductor technology; essentially, the high-frequency power is now generated by semiconductors instead of the vacuum tubes used thus far. By using the semiconductor generator, there are now said to be far fewer operating and handling requirements. The new generator can also be integrated into existing systems. In contrast to tube generators, its power output can be set freely between zero and the rated power output, which makes it extremely flexible in terms of its power range and when tools are introduced. Users are said to be able to carry out a large variety of welding tasks with one generator and produce a wide range of products with a consistent weld quality. 


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