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1/6/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

WELDING: Ultrasonic Stepper Motor Welder With Touch-Panel Technology

Originally titled 'WELDING: Ultrasonic Welder with Stepper Motor'
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Debuting at NPE 2015 is the new Sonics & Materials ultrasonic stepper motor welder featuring a unified controller and power supply.

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A new ultrasonic stepper motor welder with touch-panel technology, and what is said to be unique in the industry—a single streamlined box that contains both the controller and power supply, will be debuted at NPE 2015 by Sonics & Materials, Inc., Newtown, Conn.

            The e-Press Touch, available in frequencies of 40 kHz (at 400 and 800 watts) and 20 kHz (from 1200 to 3500 watts), consists of an electric stepper motor press with optical linear encoder for high-precision, repeatable welds, with a depth tolerance of +/- 0.0003 in., and a unified touch-screen controller/power supply. The new touch panel is said to offer dynamic full-color menus designed for optimal weld control, monitoring and networking. User-friendly navigation and intuitive command flow reportedly simplify the high-precision welding process. Other new advanced control and monitoring features include:

            • VNC (Virtual Network Computing) for PC’s and tablets.

            • Graph plotting (Power vs. Time and Force vs. Time)

            • Uploadable event logging, including e-stop, motor stall, log-in and under/over weld events.

            • Trend capture with virtually unlimited storage, reference by date or cycle.

            • Trend plotting (all variables—weld data and energy, peak power, peak force),

            • Weld-to-peak power.

            •Welding Set-Up Wizard with handy calculation pop-up screens.